Talk show project

Hello everyone, hello Angelia. My name is Mina, and I attach great importance to others opinion. Very often it causes stress. I have low self-esteem, and others negative opinions affect me greatly. I also tend to ignore anyone’s positive opinion about myself. I always do things and act the way I don’t like. There were people who didn’t like my style and I decided to change it.  I changed my haircut․ In fact, I liked it․ But my classmates were mocking me and saying that it was ugly. I was crying  and was depressed. I didn’t go to school for about a month until my hair became long․ Such things happen to me very often.I am very desperate and stressed because of someone else’s opinion. After their words, I begin to hate myself.  I have tried many times to ignore but in vain. Hope you’ll help me․ Thank you.



From: Marine
To: Mina
Subject: Hi from Yerevan

Dear Mina.
Thanks for your email. 

Of course I can tell you about Sana. She’s 22, and she’s studying at a music school․ I think she’s cool and very sociable — she has lots of friends. She has a great voice and I think she will become a great singer.
She is my roommate. Sana cleans the room,sometimes even mine, because I’m so lazy.
She likes going out, watching films, and listening to music, but not rock or pop. Sana loves k-pop and anime very much. Sana is constantly talking about them, which is sometimes annoying. 
I think she’s quite genius. Sana is incredibly hard-working. She passed all her exams last year, which is more than I did.
The only negative thing I can think of is that she’s a bit jealous. P.S. The most important thing, she is a loyal friend, she will always support you. Trust him.

I hope that’s useful. Let me know if you need any more information about her. 
Best wishes.


Sport clubs

There are many sport clubs in our school. For example, table tennis, volleyball, basketball, shooting, fencing, archery, gymnastics and so on. In the past years I chose gymnastics, basketball, table tennis, shooting and a bicycle club for studing. This year I’ve chosen table tennis. It was easier for me this year because I had already learned to play tennis 2 years ago. This year our teacher has changed and now table tennis us teaches Miss Hasmik. Lessons are very interesting. Sometimes us join even our history, mathematics and geography teachers and it becomes more interesting.


My school

I study at <<Mxitar Sebastaci>> educational complex. I’m in the 9th grade. Our headmaster is Ashot Bleyan. He is very kind. Everything is different here. We learn our lessons by computers. We dance national dances every day. I like it very much. There are many clubs in our school, where you can read a book, relax and so on. My favorite place in the school is the library. When I want to have a little rest, I go to the library. In our school summer and winter camps are organized. I love my Educomplex very much.

My last journey

I travel a lot, because I’m Sebastaci. I love when we traveling overnight. For example, we went to Byurakan for two days, for three days in Urtsadzor and Sevan-Jayr and last 4 days in Artsakh. Now I want to tell you about these four days that we spent in Artsakh. The road was very long — over 12 hoursWe stayed at the guest house, which was very comfortable. Every day we went to Shushi Technological UniversityIn the evening we went to Shushi or Stepanakert. When we had free time we played games in our room with children. We had a very good time and we would never forget these four days.

Direct – indirect

simple present simple past
present continuous past continuous
present perfect past perfect
simple past past perfect
will would

This => that
These =>those
Here => there
Yesterday  = > the day before / the preceding day
Two days ago => Two days before / the preceding days
Four months ago=> Four months before / the preceding 4 months
Today =>On that day
Now =>Then
Last Monday morning => The Monday morning before/ the preceding Monday in the morning
Tomorrow=> the day after / the following day
Next week=> the week after / the following week
Two days later => In two days
A month later =>  In a month
Two years later => In two years

I am very tired.’ She said she was very tired.
‘You play the piano very well.’ Mr Jones told me I played the piano very well.
‘Can you give us a hand?’ They asked if we could give them a hand.
‘We ‘re leaving the town.’ He told me they were leaving the town.
‘He hasn’t shaved.’ I noticed that he hadn’t shaved.
‘Your parents have had an accident.’ Sally rang to say that your parents had had an accident.
‘I left home at seventeen.’ Her letter said that she had left home at seventeen.
‘Don’t worry! He won’t say anything to the police’. I was sure he wouldn’t say anything to the police.
‘None of our relatives will come.’ They knew none of their relatives would come.
‘This parcel has been opened at the customs.’ I could see the parcel had been opened at the customs.

If you could change one important thing in your country, what would you change?

I love my country very much, but I do not like many things. I will change many things. For example: I don’t like that Yerevan’s streets are dirty. People throw their garbage on the street and it’s normal for them․ Often these garbage eating animals, that is why they can die․ I am glad that I’m studying at the “Mkhitar Sebastatsi” educational complex, we clean the streets, rivers, and nature. I will change it first․ Secondly, I will change people mentality․ It is strange for Armenians to see that people’s hair is colorful, their clothes are different, and so on. People are free and can do whatever they want․ It is normal that human hair is colorful and has a different style․ Third, I will change the TV. It is unpleasant to see the same everyday․ It would be good to speak well on television. Fourth, I’ll change schools. Armenian schools are closed and sometimes scared. Teachers are scary. When we go to another school everyone looks at surprised․ Fifth, people hate each other very much. I think it’s wrong to hate all Turks. Armenians and Turks hate each other․ I think we should be friends and love one another. You have to leave the past and move forward. Black or white, Armenian or Turkish, we are all people․ We must love and respect each other. My country has very bad sides, but it is the best. I hope I’ll change my country one day and make it better.